Love & Laughter in Rainbow by Nutmeg Designs

Love & Laughter in Rainbow by Nutmeg Designs. Glass on slate, 10×12 inches.

The initial idea (which led to our first multi-colored word) led to a back and forth flow of messages. Pink was important. The words were paramount. An iridescent background was desired. Red-orange was to be avoided. At one point she also told us about her job working with children who have experienced trauma and where she lived; and why she imagined this project. Wayne and I advised skipping yellow and add a pink ampersand. We also saw a division of warm colors on the top, but we did place some yellow-green in the L for laughter. We sent many photos of glass samples sitting on slate before all the colors were chosen.

If you know us orange of any type would not have been avoided.

The client then asked if warm colors could be added to the background which led to the side borders. She suggested a tweak to them and then wondered about a rainbow across the top and bottom. I had very little room but just enough for all the colors. All in all 40 or so messages flowed back and forth.

And finally we ship it out and and sit back and hope it will meet the client’s vision.

This was the response:

My mosaic came in the mail today. Let me just say…. I love, beyond love, this mosaic. It is perfectly balanced in such beautiful and bright colors. The glass is so elegantly cut and placed, and the slate is such a neat background. I cannot thank you enough for taking the time and effort to communicate with me so often. It was scary to spend so much money on something being made states away, by people I’d never talked to before, but you made this such a reassuring process. Thank you again for making such a gorgeous masterpiece!!



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