Where are you located?

We work out of a one-bedroom-two-studio-rowhouse in Lansdale, PA, just north of Philadelphia.

We have Open Studios twice a year. Sign up for our newsletter to get more details.

Nutmeg Designs
PO Box 675
Lansdale, PA  19446

Where can I find your work?
  • We have an online Nutmeg Designs shop for Margaret’s work plus collaborative pieces like house numbers.
  • Wayne has a Stratozpheres shop for stained glass plus collaborative pieces like house numbers.
  • We also do fine craft shows in the greater Philadelphia area.
How do I commission something not in your shop?

Commissions are a joy!  We love the creativity that unfolds when working with our clients. Send us an email, or use our contact form below. Include what you think is important for us to know in addition to factors like

  • mosaic or stained glass
  • colors
  • size
  • substrate
  • indoor vs. outdoor use
  • when you need it by and
  • what part of the world you live in.

Or if you just know you want to commission something, just not what, let us know. We are glad to help your vision unfold in conversation with us. Because we have free-range studios, every piece turns out differently. We are glad to do a piece in the style of something we have already created, but each has its own imprint of individuality. After clarifying any questions, we will send you a quote for the project or for a design fee if it’s necessary. If you approve the quote, we will send an invoice for the amount due, payable by credit card through PayPal or by check.

Do I need Margaret or Wayne or both?

We are a Dynamic Duo, but we each have our own body of work as well. If you’ve seen photos of our work, you may know you want

  • Margaret Almon Mosaics with the intricate tiny pieces, and many levels
  • Wayne Stratz Mosaics with the bigger curving pieces and a smooth surface
  • Wayne Stratz Stained Glass creation
  • Margaret and Wayne collaborative piece such as a House Number, Word or  artwork.
  • Or you can just tell us what you envision and we’ll  go with it.

Read more in Wayne’s blog post The Two Sides of Nutmeg Designs

How do you ship your work to clients?
  • Within the United States, unless otherwise indicated, we use Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation.
  • If you need something expedited, let us know, and we will send you a quote.
  • In cases of very large or heavy commissions, we use a professional shipping company.
  • Outside the US, unless otherwise indicated, we use International First Class.
  • We take utmost care in packaging your Nutmeg Designs mosaic or stained glass in order for it to reach you safely.  We’ve successfully sent work across the country, had it survive being thrown over a garden gate, and even sent work overseas.
What is your turnaround time?

We are estimating 4-8 weeks, depending on the nature of the project.  House numbers and signs are running at about 6-8 weeks.  Please inquire if you need something by a particular date. Once we receive payment, we put you on the whiteboard in our studio.

Where can I see more photos of your work?

In addition to our website, we have more photos of joint work and Margaret’s work at the Nutmeg Designs Etsy Shop, and Wayne’s work at Stratozpheres Etsy Shop, our Nutmeg Designs Flickr site, or Nutmeg Designs Instagram for even more glass goodness.

Can I put your mosaics outdoors?

All house numbers are made for outdoor use, on slate with waterproof glue. If you want to display something outdoors, other than house numbers, please let us know before you order.  We can use either slate or WEDI board, waterproof glue, and we seal the grout for stain resistance.

How do I install a house number or outdoor sign?


  • Use stainless steel or brass screws, designed for your cladding.  Masonry requires anchors.
  • Place plaque at the level you wish to see it, and mark inside the holes with a pencil where you plan to drill.
  • Drill pilot holes, and insert anchors(if masonry), then line your plaque’s predrilled holes with the pilot ones, and insert screws, hand tightening just until snug, and taking care not to put pressure on the slate.  Rubber washers may be used to help cushion the contact points.
  • Consult your local hardware store for guidance regarding type of screws, drill bits and rubber washers.

Your Nutmeg Designs Custom Sign

On newly quarried Pennsylvania slate.

Grout sealed for stain resistance with TileLab SurfaceGard Penetrating Sealer.

Made with water resistant glue, for outdoors.

How do I care for my Nutmeg Designs Art?
  • We use glass as our main material.  Some pieces have multiple levels, and anything sticking up higher than the rest is more vulnerable to being dislodged.  The edges on Margaret’s mosaics are fairly smooth by the time a mosaic is grouted, but be aware, as with anything bumpy, that they may catch on things.   Wayne’s mosaics are usually a delightfully smooth surface, because of his mad stained glass grinder skills.
  • Trivets: Glass is heat hardy, but please be gentle with the wooden frame.  Do not submerse in water.  Wipe clean with a damp cloth.
  • House Numbers: These are made with water resistant glue, on slate, and the grout is sealed for stain resistance so you can use them outdoors.  Of course, all mosaics are happier when sheltered and securely fastened. We strongly recommend that you affix slate numbers using masonry screws through the pre-drilled holes, tightening gently so as not to crack the slate.  We can provide a leather strap, but wind is capricious.You can also take the plaque to a framer and then hang with a chain, in which case, if ordering by Etsy, request in the comments field that we leave out the holes, or send us an email.
  • Mosaic Mandalas & Panels:  Unless specifically commissioned for the outdoors, these are made to be used indoors, or sheltered on a porch.  Swipe with a feather duster  on occasion.
  • Stained glass:  Clean with glass cleaner.  We recommend hanging from a hook rather than using suction cups, which can be unreliable.  If you do opt for suction cups, check the seal regularly.
Do you repair stained glass?

Repairing stained glass is a true art form, best left to those who specialize in it.

In the Philadelphia suburbs:
Colors of Glass in Audubon, PA

Sources for finding those who repair and restore stained glass:

Do you teach classes in mosaic or stained glass?

We are not teaching any classes at present.

Here are some places to find classes:

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