American Kestrel Mosaic by Wayne Stratz

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American Kestrel Mosaic by Wayne Stratz

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Wayne Stratz

Wayne Stratz


Join me as I express my love of jazz, nature, food, and art.  At work I teach science and run a horticulture program.  My wife and I run a crafting business, which we call Nutmeg Designs. I make stained glass as well as mosaics.

I can make strudel.
I love birds.
I dig quilts.
I eat out in Lansdale, PA.

And through it all runs the mystical.  I am an Episcopalian who loves to go on silent retreats with Jesuits.  St. Ignatius and I share the same birthday.

My life unfolds along with creation.

A lovely blue and white heart made by Wayne Stratz is situated at the entrance to my meditation room.  Each day I gaze at this heart and feel gratitude for owning a beautiful work of art that was born from creativity and love. It is the perfect gateway to enter the inner world of meditation
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Blue Stained Glass Heart by Wayne Stratz
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Connect with me at my Wayne Stratz Instagram and the Nutmeg Designs Facebook Page.

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