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Margaret Almon

Margaret Almon

Mosaic Artist

I make glass mosaics to catch the eye and delight the soul.

I was born in the US, grew up in Canada, and emigrated to Pennsylvania in 1985.  I began with words and writing poetry, and then in 2005, took those images into the realm of my hands, making mosaics.

I am in a Dynamic Duo with Wayne Stratz, and live in a “one bedroom two studio rowhouse” in Lansdale, PA, north of Philadelphia.  Together we are Nutmeg Designs: Fine Glass Craft.

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I purchased a mosaic pendant for my wife for Christmas from Nutmeg Designs and when I promptly received it in the mail, it was even more beautiful than the picture. My wife loved it and I will definitely be ordering another custom piece by Margaret in the future!

Adam Kopras

Rainbow Pendant by Margaret Almon of Nutmeg Designs
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Follow my work on Facebook Margaret Almon Mosaics Page, and LinkedIn.  I am the keeper of the Nutmeg Designs Instagram and Flickr.

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