Come Imagine With Us

Listening in Mosaic Blue and Green by Nutmeg Designs

We Begin with Listening

  • Listening to what you want to express with your commissioned gift.
  • Listening to your evocation of the recipient.
  • Listening to the evolving art.

We Guide you Through the Process

  • Photos of previous commissions to give you ideas.
  • Preliminary sketch if you need more visualization.
  • A quote once we combine your ideas and your budget.

Explore Past Commissions

Get ideas from our Commission & Milestone Gift Album at Nutmeg Designs Flickr.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Tell us what you want us to create or ask a question!


Tie Dye Inspired Peace Symbol by Nutmeg Designs


The Peace Symbol design was a challenging project. We discussed our vision for the sign with Wayne and Margaret . They executed perfectly! I highly recommend Nutmeg Designs.

Joseph Ferdinando

Love & Laughter Multicolor Mosaic by Nutmeg Designs


That is the most beautiful thing ever. I can’t wait to hang it on my wall. Thank you so much for everything. You have been so wonderful and easy going. . . and it was so reassuring to see pictures of the glass before you used it. I sincerely appreciate every bit of this. 


Black and White Mosaic Dove Pendant by Nutmeg Designs


I’ve purchased two pieces from Margaret – a Christmas gift for my adult daughter (the mosaic pendant) and a 60th birthday gift for my sister (dove pendant). Both pieces were magnificent! I can’t say enough good things about those a pieces. Now I just need to buy one for myself!!

Kerri Lilly Farley

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