Breathe by Nutmeg Designs

Breathe Mosaic by Nutmeg Designs for a retreat center.

Beth Buelow over at the Introvert Entrepreneur writes about the power of words in her business and her life.

Hearing just the right word, at just the right moment, can completely change our entire world.

She uses one of my favored words, resonate:

Like most introverts, I internalize deeply, so these words have become part of me
on a cellular level.  They recenter me when I wander and serve as my lifeline when I feel like I’m drowning.

Yes, these words resonate.  When Wayne and I started making mosaic words, I became intimately acquainted with every letter, every curve of the letterforms.  Wayne designs the letters, cuts them out of glass, and glues them to the slate.  Then I take that word island, and surround it with color and glass.

Three of these words were particularly resonant.  Breathe was commissioned for yoga retreat studio.   Wayne took this photo of the Breathe mosaic in its new home, and aptly there is a bell on the left, with the ringing tone that can move the soul.  Every piece I glued for the Breathe reminded me to breathe.


Up Mosaic by Nutmeg Designs.

Up Mosaic by Nutmeg Designs.

Up comes from my Alexander Technique Lessons, and my teacher’s guidance to direct myself “forward and up” rather than pulling down.  When I start to feel stiff in the studio, and become aware of my body, I am often slumped, and Up is about being at ease, which is different than collapsing. Up is about releasing tension in my neck, letting my shoulders drop, and allowing room for my breathing.

Live Mosaic by Nutmeg Designs.

Live Mosaic by Nutmeg Designs.

Live was commissioned by parents for their son who is a musician.  Live is his word, the word that he indeed lives by.  To Live is to respect my person, my art, and the integrity of my spirit.  There are times when anxiety makes many promises about protecting me with bursts of worry, but these are promises not kept. Living is accepting uncertainty as part of the human experience, and not requiring myself to be omniscient(as if that is possible), and trusting my own experience as it unfolds.

What words live in your heart?  What can we make for you?

More Word photos here.


Seven Sayings that Have Saved My Business(and My Sanity) The Introvert Entrepreneur, Beth Buelow

Beth includes a post that got her resonating, by Nancy Duarte, with a fascinating video of salt organizing itself to sound frequencies.

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