Peace Mosaic by Margaret Almon and Wayne Stratz

Once a month or so, I make a stop on my way home. I visit the house of my spiritual director (SD); and SD listens to me tell my unfolding story. At times I forget to bring cash, but otherwise things go well. As we emerge, sometimes having scheduled a flexible next session (I show up around a certain moment in time, not at a specific moment in time), the smell of their dinner is in the air. The cook, her husband, emerges from the kitchen. A short conversation passes before I am out the front door.

As things turned out they had a free moment and stopped by our house; to see our art during a home show. Peace caught their eye and it left to go to their home. Shortly there after, her husband sent a secret message. He hoped we could create a special gift. You see, SD is an extrovert. When sitting alone with clients like myself, she has come to appreciate what comes so easy for introverts. Listening.

Listening Mosaic for a spiritual director by Margaret Almon and Wayne Stratz

Her husband has been battling health issues for most of 2015. Having emerged from the hospital, he desired a word for himself, Ruach. Ruach is the Hebrew word for spirit, breath, wind. Sadly by the time we finished this piece, he was back in the hospital. So, I delivered it. As we spoke, the mosaic sat in his lap. As I write this, it is perched on a table. A reminder of what flows from God.  It is staying with him till he returns home.

My hope is this; I am imagining stepping out from a session with SD. We leave The room of Listening. I am met by Her husband emerging from the kitchen. The burners are turned down low and he takes me to his office. His breath is back. His voice is strong. On his desk is a sermon, the one he hopes to preach at my church. On his wall is Ruach. In between is Peace.


Ruach mosaic for healing by Wayne Stratz and Margaret Almon





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