Dog House Mosaic Sign for Dog Lovers

Dog House Mosaic Sign for Dog Lovers by Nutmeg Designs. Glass on slate, 10×10 inches.

In remix, owners of some gorgeous Golden Retrievers asked us to create a sign with the colors from our MSAM sign ~ not for an actual doghouse*, but for the wall inside the owners’ home. Wayne created the lettering in our new Chelsea Studio, Rennie Mackintosh inspired font.  My challenge was to evoke the ocean colors from a glass-on-glass piece, which allows light to pass through, but using glass on primed slate.  Some of the glass from the MSAM sign worked in the Dog House sign, but in different positions.

Our clients clearly delight in the human-animal bond, especially mutual enjoyment of waves washing onto the sand.


Frank Lloyd Wright famously designed a doghouse for the son of clients, who requested one for his black lab.

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