Pathway Inclusion Team Logo in Stained Glass by Wayne Stratz

My school year is off to a fine start. On the first day I received a T-shirt with this design from our diversity team. I’m not a member mainly because I don’t tend to join teams or committees. Being in a room filled with teens all day is enough for this introvert.

Back to the T-shirt design. I loved it and thought it would be fun to play with it in the studio. The opportunity arose when I was approached to donate to a school fundraiser. I asked permission to play with the logo. And here is the result looking out of my classroom window.

The school later asked all employees to consider doing our own fundraiser and that is why 10% of our October sales will be donated to The Pathway School.

It includes our Etsy shop, as well as special commissions paid for before we all turn into pumpkins at midnight on Halloween. October is a fine time to order those special holiday gifts.  E-mail us.

After roaming about the country with Margaret when I taught in SE PA, Massachusetts, Oregon, Illinois, and NE PA (7 schools in 10 years); I have just begun my 26th year at Pathway.

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