Custom House Number 6312 by Nutmeg Designs

Custom house number with 4 inch tall digits, sun motif, glass on slate, 16×8 inches.

I was pleased to discover that WNPR of Connecticut used a photo of a Nutmeg Designs house number to illustrate a story about a Connecticut legislator who wants to make house numbers more visible.

Rep. Lou Esposito proposes that for his state:

If adopted into law, the bill would mandate that house numbers be at least three inches high and of a color contrasting with the background on which they’re posted. It also would require they be placed between four and 12 feet above ground.

Nutmeg Designs makes each digit between 3 and 4 inches tall, and have done even taller by request.  We design with crisp contrast in mind, so that the sign is visible to fire companies and ambulances.  And of course, it doesn’t hurt to be visible to the pizza delivery person, like the one who stopped my husband to ask where a certain house was ~ that he knew where 46 was but not his destination.  Our neighbors commissioned that 46 from us.

We also have a record of creating numbers for historic houses, so even if these are exempted from the bill, we can create something both beautiful and legible.

Be the first to commission a number from Connecticut, which surely should have happened by now, since it is the Nutmeg State.

Commission us to make your number.

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