Caroline Wilkinson “Classic and Cool” is a splendid take on the Log Cabin square. Ms Wilkinson is a quilter from London, UK and was part of the World Quilt Competition at the Quilt Extravaganza we saw recently.

My grandmother made us a Log Cabin quilt in the early 90's and I plan to wear it out. It was made to be loved and used, not stored in a closet. Here is a classic photo of me being tucked in.

Margaret has made many many more Log Cabin inspired pieces of art than I have. Here is one.

And as for me, this is an early piece that Margaret so loved that it never made if for sale. I elongated it into a rectangle and placed a rose within it. Then placed it here in our living room where it remains. I still have the design and would love to make a second, perhaps in the colors picked out by one who commissions.

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