House Number 28R in Cranberry Cream by Nutmeg Designs
Vertical House Number 28R in Cranberry Cream by Nutmeg Designs

This vertical house number went to Massachusetts.  If you have one of those New England homes partial to sticking a letter on the end of a number, we can create it to look like it was meant to be. Just order any of our 3 digit house numbers, and let us know one of the numbers is a letter. This client chose the new Cranberry Cream Colorway with high contrast black numbers/letters with a cream background and cream grout and earthy cranberry red accents. The glass mosaic sign measures 4×15 inches, on Pennsylvania slate.

Several months ago, we bought a new house. One of the first items we purchased, (months before we moved in), was a “house number-letter” from you. It arrived long before our closing date and we waited with anticipation to hang it. . . It makes us smile each time we see it! It is so beautiful and goes perfectly, wouldn’t you agree? Thanks for creating something so beautiful for us!  ~Melissa

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