Grace in Pearlescent and Black Mosaic Sign by Nutmeg Designs

Grace came out of our Spring Open Studio and Food Drive for Manna on Main Street.The food drive was a success. We delivered all of the food pictured below to Manna on Main Street; and sent them over 100 dollars that came in as cash donations.

The Open Studio went well. The strudel has been eaten. We met new people and saw some friends for the first time in years.  On Saturday we had an unusually long stretch with an empty house.  On Sunday we had people here for nearly the entire time.

What now? For one we can relax from advertising an open studio. Nothing like the special kind of exhaustion of two introverts inviting the masses to stop by their two studio row, and then sitting back to see what happens.  However, our commission board has a healthy list to keep us busy.  Our first completed project from that list is a Mosaic Grace Sign in Pearlescent and Black. The list is far from being overwhelming, so feel free to drop us a line if you have a project in mind.

Food Donations for Manna from Our 2022 Open Studio


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