Bethany Breeze Beach House Name Sign

Here Wayne is holding the Bethany Breeze sign, before we shipped it to a beach house in Virginia.  It’s actually quite light, being on WEDI board(foam sandwiched between thin layers of reinforced cement), which allowed us to make a bigger sign than on slate.

We created it to fit the narrow gable space, but still be legible. The clients had the plaque framed, because framing hardware can’t be directed applied to the WEDI in this kind of sign. It looks great!

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Bethany Breeze Beach House Name Sign by Nutmeg Designs

Here’s what our client said:

This photo doesn’t do it justice, it looks so gorgeous especially on a sunny day when the light reflects off it.

Thank you very much for sharing your talent with us and making our home extra special!

Blue Green House Number for a Beach House by Nutmeg Designs

As a companion to the Bethany Breeze, the clients requested one of our vertical house numbers on slate. The client chose the South Seas colorway which highlights blue greens. The glass mosaic sign measures 6×15 inches, on Pennsylvania slate.  If you have a porch pillar, we can create a house number plaque to fit.


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