Bungalow House Number
Mosaic House Number for an historic bungalow in California
Nutmeg Designs House Number 3013 in Arts and Crafts font for an Historic Bungalow in blue, gray and Sunny Disposition yellow.

Commissioned by the owners of a 1920 Long Beach California historic bungalow, this house number includes Arts & Crafts style numbers which allowed them to be closer to 4 inches tall on a footprint of 12×8 inches slate.

The clients chose the Newport Colorway which usually has brighter yellow accents, but we suggested something more ochre to go with their door. The paint color is Dunn-Edwards Sunny Disposition, which is perfect! The body of the house is Dunn-Edwards Shadow Effect, which resonates with the blues and grays of the Newport Colorway.  The glass mosaic sign measures 12×8 inches, on Pennsylvania slate.

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