House Number 590 in the Blue Greens Emily Carr Colorway by Nutmeg Designs
Nutmeg Designs Vertical 3 Digit Mosaic House Number on 4x15 inch Slate

The client originally contacted us about including a bird motif in the house number design, but when she sent the photo of her porch, we decided that the number didn’t need to compete with the birds already there. The client chose the Emily Carr Colorway and asked for some earthy yellow accents. The glass mosaic sign measures 4×15 inches, on Pennsylvania slate.

The 4×15 size is no longer available from our slate supplier. We will be stocking a 5×14 inch sign. Query us if you are interested.

There’s nothing better than having a client receive their number, install it the same day and tell us they love it! Then to receive an Etsy review confirming our best hope for our clients:

“So beautiful! smile every time i come in our front door and see it.”

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