1. See the infamous one bedroom two studio row.

2. Live demonstrations of how we create our art by breaking glass.

3. Holiday Jazz will take its proper place after Thanksgiving.

4. Snacks ~> sure we say they will be light, but who knows what your luck will bring you? Nanaimo bars? Strudel? Lavender brownies? Crackers?

5. See our art displayed as it would be displayed in your home. Stained glass in windows. Mandalas on walls. Picture frames on shelves. Trivets on dining room tables.

6. Our house isn't exactly huge, but so much more room to converse than when confined to an 8' x 10' cubicle.

7. No need to search for us in a large setting of billions and billions of artists.

8. See Lansdale, the town named after the dude who mapped out the train line from Lansdale to Doylestown!

9. Sure it is winter, well close enough, but the “garden of Nutmeg Designs” is interesting year round.

10. If you dig the photos, just wait till you see it in person.

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