I took this photo. I was emerging from a short photographing funk and maybe it was out of respect for a tool that had been with me on many a project.

For a while now I flip the switch and nothing happens. So I spin the grinder bit by hand to give it the nudge it needs. Lately there have been times where it has taken so many spin by the hand that I wonder if it will start. And then it kind of coughs and sputters, but when I place glass on it, the grinder gets the hint and begins to spin fast.

The other day I spun it into life, but it sputtered and stopped before I could touch it with glass. I spun it a few times and we got the glass ground into shape.

So the dude that will wear clothing till it has gaping holes in it, may have to concede that it it time to retire the grinder. So here is the thing. I have two slightly used grinders gifted to me that I could have switched to months ago, but I am OK with imperfections as long as the job still gets done. Glass gets ground. Body is clothed. That said I did toss a few highly tattered shirts the other day. I do understand that days are limited.

Here I am 6 years ago before I found much more durable gloves to protect my hands while grinding glass.


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