Scraps of Youghiogheny glass outside their factory

Four years ago I took a trip to Cleveland to visit a friend, but took a detour instead to the place some of my favorite glass is created. What a delight to roam about their warehouse store choosing pieces of glass to bring home. 

Youghiogheny is on my mind this week as I made a suncatcher as a present for a friend. I did it in my jazz doodling style. I cut out seven pieces of three types of Youghiogheny glass, then as I listened to Gregory Porter

… I put one piece together at a time as if I was doodling. No design. Just flow.

Recently, over pie and coffee, Margaret and our friends thought I might need to change my name. Just call me Youghiogheny Stratz. They all seemed to think it sounded just swell. 






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