The Orange Honda Fit is getting Go


Nice to see the snow bank is not as tall as the Fit these days. It has been an exhausting few weeks and when Friday night hit I was ready to rest, but life keeps unfolding.

March first and second will be our first show of the year, at Owen J Roberts High School. Great Food at this one and our new location is booth 21, my favorite number.

A glance at the weather gave me some choices, pack the Fit on a 50 degree Saturday afternoon or a 20 degree Thursday evening. So last night I dragged the propanels, stool, and boothhardware out of our second floor studio closets and carried the bin of electrical/lighting supplies, the cart, and a table from the basement. 

The art will wait till Friday morning. Margaret and I hope to finish a few things before the show. Margaret is making a fine background to our first word in a new font. 

By the way, I tagged this as tool, because the Fit is a tool of this trade. 


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