Joy mosaic by Wayne Stratz and Margaret Almon

One ~> see the words featuring our new font, Chelsea Studio, in person. 

Two ~> the garden of Nutmeg Designs is emerging a bit late this spring, but it is emerging and I would love to introduce our plants to you.  It is so much more beautiful than when we have home events in November. 

The Fit dig the garden, well, actually I do the gardening but it hauls plants for me

Three ~> gifts for mothers, fathers, grads, spring weddings, and birthdays.

Four ~> have you seen the studios, the land that includes where Margaret has her land of glass tesserae?

Five ~> new birds, as it is very likely these bird projects will be done. 

This goldfinch has found its golden plumage


Margaret has finished these dove pendants, come and see them

Six ~> mushroom duxelles, a variety of sweets, tea, coffee, and wine are on the tentative menu. We serve food that will tempt us to snack along with you. 

Seven ~> a new rainbow mandala is being created!

Eight ~> visit Lansdale, a town that has become the home of quite the gathering of ethnic restaurants. Greek and Indian food have arrived!

Nine ~> want to choose your own glass for a special commission, then this is a great opportunity. 

Ten ~> really, why not just stop by after this long winter and say hello? 

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