Bear Paw Quilt in glass: created and designed by Wayne Stratz

Before there was a glass grinder in my studio, there was a sewing machine. I thought that maybe I could design art quilts as a way to move beyond doodling designs on paper during staff meetings. So I took a class and created a quilt top. From what I have been told, my first ever sewing project was impressive. 

Then I bought all the supplies needed to go from quilt top to finished quilt; and walked away. I folded the quilt top and placed it into a drawer and took a stained glass class. 

A year or years later, I told a friend, who quilts, about my days as a quilter. She thought it was wrong for the project to be on hold. We struck a deal. Inspired by a bear paw quilt square, I drew a design, which would work for glass. The quilt now resides on my couch and the bear paws resides at my friend’s house. 

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