Margaret Almon creating rainbow pendants from the tiniest scraps of glass

This is our second summer of saying a decisive NO to outdoor shows, so while our friends are making sales under tents, we are not, but that makes us happy for our friends and for ourselves. Margaret grew up in Edmonton, Alberta; where a hot summer day is the same temp as a cool summer day in southeast Pennsylvania. And my obsessive watching of weather forecasts leading up to being outside in potential storms did nothing for my otherwise generally relaxed state of mind. So we hoped that our growing demand for house numbers, increase in etsy sales, and not paying show fees would lead to a new cooler and less stressed summer lifestyle. 

Since we got home from our vacation at the very end of June, I have cut out digits for seven house numbers and I still have four more to start. This weekend began with Margaret grouting a house number sign. She spent the rest of the weekend building up her stock of pendants (a new batch of bases arrived recently). I cut out the numbers for two signs so that Margaret could keep the backgrounds flowing, and designed a new stained glass cross while listening to some Charlie Parker.

We are enjoying these new summers in our two studio row.  

A rare black number house plaque commission and the design of my new Charlie Parker’s cross








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