Hopscotch Chakra Mandalas by Nutmeg Designs

Hopscotch Chakra Mandalas by Nutmeg Designs. Glass on wood, 7×20 inches.

The image came to our client, chakras, ending in a rainbow, together in the form of  hopscotch.  She wanted muted colors, rich from the earth, rather than bright primaries, and crowned with a rainbow. Wayne began with a sketch that evolved into this form, and cut out all the creamy background pieces, then gave it to me for the mandalas and the rainbow.  Going through old bookmarks, I happened across a “PreRaphaelite Color Wheel” with deep red, earthy orange and yellow ochre, dusky green and blue, and deep violet.

As I worked, my muscle memory of playing hopscotch was present.  There was something satisfying drawing the form with chalk, and tossing of the pebble or other marker, the rhythm of jumping,  and turning around at the top curved horizon, and making the trip back.

We had considered buttercream colored grout, but chocolate brown was calling to me, and the client enthusiastically agreed.  The dark grout unified the chakras and the rainbow, and highlighted the lines of Wayne’s design in the background.

Our client loved the finished piece, and the image that stays with me is her description of hugging it to her when it arrived.

 Beginning of the Hopscotch

Hopscotch Poem at Rochester Poet Walk


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