Rat Love: special commission by nutmeg designs

It all started with me searching #Lansdale on Instagram. The photo, which was taken from rather high up for my town, caught my eye. I decided to check out more images from the photographer. Rats. Lots and lots of rats. I could have backed away or I could follow this woman who loved rats. I chose to become a fan of her and her pets. 

She followed me back and became a fan of our art. She imagined a mosaic to celebrate #ratlove and then stopped by our house when we had an open house/studio weekend. In my studio we faced the challenge: A white rat, a black rat, a violet LOVE. Sure I could design and glue those down on a piece of slate, but what about the background. She liked orange and reds. I picked up a piece of stained glass. 

When Margaret began to create the background, she created clouds of colors in which the rats popped; while realizing a rat tail created a lot of border length. Then she thought about violet. She added flashes of violet in the midst of the orange and red. The border was a perfect place to add even more violet. 

Soon Margaret will be posting about another pet love project. 


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