Saturday May 12th, and Sunday May 13th, 2018 we will be running our food drive and serving up my homemade Austrian strudel. We hope you can help with both of these endeavors. But first some tree memories.

1) I grew up under towering oak trees. A Beech tree with its smooth bark and a straight White Pine joined them in the backyard, while a Dogwood stood under those oaks in our front yard. I grew up with shade and never quite understood the allure of a beach with lots of sun.

2) I was on a silent retreat a few years back when Margaret told me that Marian McPartland had passed away (yes I break silence every evening to say hello to Margaret). I ducked into one of the most marvelously weeping trees I have experienced and in the green light, and I listened to McPartland’s version of Willow Weep For Me.

3) Trees are amazing creatures. Last week my one science class explored the question: Do trees die of old age? And while old age will not cause a sudden death to a tree, it can cause a very slow death that can last several human lifetimes.

4) A friend asked me to create a willow for the Willow in his life. It was a special project that included a birth date below the Willow. It was a design to good to pack away. I tweaked the tree, lost the date, and here is a Stratozpherically Weeping Willow hanging out with a pink panther, a jazz doodle, and a dolphin with a rehabbed tail…

An Askew Array of Stratozpheric Glass

An Askew Array of Stratozpheric Glass: Pink Panther, Willow Tree, Jazz Doodle and Dolphin

Askew. What comes to mind? What happens to our best plans and hopes. Life is far from orderly.

Margaret will have many new pendants to delight you next weekend and beyond. She played around with going a bit askew on these domino pendants.

Patchwork Pendants in Dichroic Glass by Margaret Almon

Wonky Patchwork Pendants in Dichroic Glass 2×1 inches by Margaret Almon

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