Listening. A gift to create this for my spiritual director. Words by Nutmeg Designs.

My spiritual director came over to our home show in November. When she left, Margaret asked if I got to talk much when I meet with her. You see, she is quite the extrovert, while I am not. But within that space where we meet, she listens well. You know you are with a good listener by the way they respond. She hears me. 

A few days after our home show, an email arrived from her husband. The idea was more than we could pull off, but a plan was made in which we did half of his gift idea. This week I was over at their house and we chatted about the project. 

Once again, a client takes us into a world of words and we emerge with a creation we would likely to have never imagined by ourselves. 

What word shall we make for you?


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