In the beginning, Margaret used wood for the base of the majority of her mosaics. Then one day in a local thrift store she saw a piece of slate that had been painted upon. She bought it. Primed it white and now rarely uses wood except for picture frames. Yes, bought at local thrift stores.

In the other beginning (going much farther back in the day), I grew up in the slate belt of Pennsylvania. When it was discovered it freed the US from importing slate and brought wealth to the area ~> roof shingles, chalk boards, pool tables. I miss teaching with chalk, but I do dig my smart board. Roof shingles have moved on and now wealth has left the slate belt.

We have an order for a vertical house number and lacked the right size of slate, which meant a trip to the website of Kulps Custom Crafts, which is located close to where I went to high school and is our source of slate. I love that about our mosaics. Margaret has found an app to keep inventory, called inventory tracker, so it seemed like the opportunity was there to take stock of our native stone. So hours before we gathered at the table to eat some homemade pizza with friends, we took inventory and placed an order.



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