The garden of Nutmeg Designs in the midday sun 7/11/15. Photo by Wayne Stratz

I did some rare early afternoon summer garden, I am much more the cool of the morning or low light of late day type of gardener. But today was different, and when I was done I grabbed my camera and for the first time in over two weeks, I sought out beauty. I try to imagine how over time plants and pollinators have taken over my brain and convinced me it is much more important to feed them, than myself.


Echinacea (purple coneflower) with honey bee in the garden of Nutmeg Designs. Honey Bees and their plight made me aware of the need to fee pollinators. To see them in large numbers today made me smile. But I also dig the tiny bees and wasps which my camera just can’t capture. Shadow and Photo by Wayne Stratz



Bee Balm (Monarda) is aptly named and a few years ago, I photographed a series showing the travels of a bee across this landscape. Margaret’s Hydrangea in the background. Photo by Wayne Stratz



Bumble Bee on a rogue sunflower in the backyard. The sunflowers emerged under where our bird feeders had been last winter. Word is that if annoyed enough they will sting a person. Photo by Wayne Stratz



The sidewalk is a mess of overgrown Hosta, a sign deer still don’t venture into our part of Lansdale. Hostas gained some points last year when I spotted a hummingbird feeding on their blooms. Photo by Wayne Stratz

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