Glass doodling by Wayne Stratz: Ellington inspired for spiritual direction

I rarely barter. However, I have a habit of forgetting to have cash or a check when I go to see my spiritual director. I said, ” Can I make you something?”  I had nothing in mind. It wasn’t even in my mind when I decided to do this project, but before the soldering stage, I knew it was headed to my spiritual director. And yes, I did forget it when I left home that morning I was planning to meet her after work, but she cancelled the appointment; so I did not show up empty handed. Then I remembered it. Now she has it in her house. 

Inspired by the music and compositions of Ellington. 


Youghiogheny trio by Wayne Stratz: inspired by the music of Gregory Porter

 Bartering for shelterMargaret and I recently returned from a week away in which I saw twenty jazz sets (Margaret saw 19 then rested). This was made possible by a few things, especially the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival and our friends who truly delight in allowing us to indulge our passion for jazz by opening up their house. Their house is slowly filling with thank you gifts from us ( and items they have purchased as well ). I thought ~> why not do some jazz doodling for them; and so I chose three types of Youghiogheny glass and cut out seven pieces from each. After foiling them I mixed them up so the order would be random. This piece was inspired by a highly favored vocalist: Gregory Porter. 






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