Four pieces by Wayne Stratz 2014

 My goal when setting up a glass studio was to have a way to express my designs off of paper. It took time working with glass to understand what I could do and what I should avoid doing with glass. But as time goes by, I have found ways to meet my original goal. 

  • Bottom left: Car Talk Mandala. With a home show approaching I wanted to create a larger, more complicated piece. I sat down and designed this mosaic while listening to a memorial show. Ray gave a moving tribute to the joyful life of his brother, Tom Magliozzi. Then, just as I would color in a design on paper… I chose one color of glass at a time allowing the next color choice to wait till I saw where it was headed. 

Car Talk Mandala by Wayne Stratz

  •  Top left: a jazz glass doodle. No set design, but I do draw out 21 patern pieces to get the shape I love to doodle with on paper. Here is my most recent one inspired by Christmas music…

Glass doodle by Wayne Stratz

  •  Top Right: Growing up with a dad, who had a drafting table in the house, led to time playing with angles. I drew this star while on a silent retreat. It only took three types of glass to complete. But that was not the case for the next piece. 

Ignatian Star by Wayne Stratz

  • Bottom Right: 63 Shades of Grace Cross was designed using an old cross design from pre-glass days. I managed to use 63 types of glass. I had to simplify the design to make it possible, but it catches the essence of the original drawing. 

Cross design that inspired my 63 shades of Grace cross




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