Pie Trivet by Nutmeg Designs

Pie Trivet by Nutmeg Designs: Peach Blueberry with Plum Grout.

It is pleasing that pies are round and therefore have a close relationship with the mathematical concept of Pi in addition to sounding the same.  I remember learning about Pi in math class, and wondering how no matter the size of the circle, the ratio of the circumference to the diameter was always 3.14.

When the family of our favorite Chef and good friend asked us to create a pie trivet as a Christmas gift, we started searching for a recipe that would look as tasty as the Chef’s pies.  We went with Peach Blueberry, which in the recipe has a crumble topping, but for mosaic purposes, we borrowed the Chef’s artful eye for arranging fruit tarts.

Wayne cut up some peach pieces and filled in the corners, and handed the trivet to me.  I looked at a lot of peach blueberry pie photos, which while making me hungry, did also show me that blueberries are not actually blue when baked.  A granite-textured cream glass formed the crust, and I had some scraps of bumpy violet glass to wrap around the peaches, and then a blue-violet along the edges.

Having partaken of the Chef’s pies, it was a pleasure to give one back to him.

Good Food Happy Man: Peach Blueberry Pie Recipe

Pi Day

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