The Fit is Go Uline

Margaret does most of the packaging and shipping here at Nutmeg Designs. Priority mail boxes through the USPS meets many of our needs; along with the generosity of friends, who pass along packing materials. But we at times have to buy or hunt down a box to fit longer commissions. Plus, our craft is thin so we don’t need thick boxes, which require tons of packing material. 

Recently Margaret discovered the presence of a Uline distribution center just west of Allentown, PA. Years of shipping commissions helped Margaret to choose two sizes of boxes (25 each) that meet a need unmet by the USPS. And 12 cubic feet of… 


  • Uline’s fastest growing peanut.
  • Decomposes in water leaving no toxic waste. FDA compliant.
  • Static-free organic starch.
  • Dispenses and vacuums like (from the Uline website)
Also to use a bit less plastic, we bought cellulose wadding (12″ by 175′) to wrap mosaics and 50 sheets of corrugated pads. 

Margaret made the order and off we went with the Fit. While slightly curious if the Fit would be big enough? Construction, utility work, wrong turns, closed roads, and the wrong Uline (two massive structures adorn the landscape of the industrial park). Finally we found the right door in the right warehouse. The Uline dude went off and brought our materials on a forklift. Packing the Fit was not problem. But, how big is 12 cubic feet? 
Non visual ~> 20,736 cubic inches

visual  …. 

Stratoz hanging out with packing peanuts






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