FOILED: Peace mandala in a rainbow of colors by Wayne Stratz

 On our Facebook page I often joke about foiling this that or the other things. I have foiled hearts, nuthatches, crosses, and even the last names of loved ones. I am am unstoppable in what I will not foil. Today as I foiled this commissioned peace symbol, I wondered. What root word could come to mean both, prevent success and a thin sheet of metal. 

And the answer is none. Two root words have led to our word, foil.

First ~> [Middle English foilen, to trample, defile, variant of filen, to defile; see file3.]

Second ~> [Middle English, from Old French foille, from Latin folia, pl. of foliumleaf; see bhel-3 in Indo-European roots.] both provided by the free dictionary

Now to what I imagined, what would I use my powers on if I could truly foil while foiling. Squirrels eating bird food may be an impressive start. Ebola would be fine to foil. Is there a sign for ignorance as there is for peace?

What shall I foil?

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