Film Noir Spiral Mandala by Margaret Almon

Images seem to have begun popping up in October 2010, so I guess that was the year our friend helped to create a night of Film Noir film and poetry at the Ambler Theater. The friend (also known as the Grout Monster) suggested we display some art for the evening. Margaret (more than I) created some amazing art for the occasion, and to this day; any mosaic featuring black and white and silver, is referred to as Film Noir in our studio. Margaret has used the style to create pendants, trivets, mirrors, and a variety of mandalas including the one featured above. So when you think of classic films, which genre would you like Margaret to be inspired by?

I have a vision of a commission where a mandala or mirror or … is desired by a client and after watching a film suggested by said client, Margaret creates a one of kind tribute to the silver screen. Just an idea, but it is my job as Chief Imagination Dude to come up with possibilities.

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