145 house number by nutmeg designs

As we do more and more house numbers, clients see all the colors of the rainbow. Many see one on our website that speaks to them and tell us they want their plaque done in that style. This is often easy, unless of course Margaret created the background using a scrap of glass that came by way of who knows where and… we just have to wonder why we would have placed a photo of the house number on our website. 

This 145 was a bit different. The house number that caught the eye was blues and greens with some bright yellow-green accents. It took a few emails and then a phone call to get a clearer image of what they were imagining. They liked the color gradation, but wanted the starting point shifted away from blue so it would end in lime green. 

This can be a bit nerve wracking for us. Colors, like all things perceived, have a uniqueness to the observer. And then there are the names of color. What I think of when one says lime green may be a bit different from what you think of when you consider a lime. Heck, do limes come in one shade? 

Margaret did well. The client sent an email saying it was exactly what they wanted. 

And don’t even get us started in how the amount of light changes the very color of one of our mosaics. This mosaic looks different from time to time. And then there are different computer screens with different resolutions and different angles…  Colors shift. We invite you into the adventure. 

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