how to transport stained glass: Warner Glass in Allentown PA

Last Friday, Margaret and I were delighted to find that Warner Glass was now open in their new location. We made a list of what we needed and headed north glad to live an hour away from one of the best stained glass stores in the United Stated. Delighted. Glad. Why all this joy? Well we needed a good blue glass to surround a Red-Tailed Hawk feather commission; and until I did the background, Margaret could not make the feather. Well, we found the new place.

We entered and found …


shelves awaiting, they were orange: Warner Glass in Allentown PA

So we were asked what we needed. Blues. And with that we were guided to the Blues:


Wayne Stratz checking out blue glass at Warner Glass in Allentown PA.    Photo by Margaret Almon

Then we were guided to the black glass, which now surrounds the blue glass on the mosaic, which as I write this, is being worked on by Margaret. If we had been warned of the state of the store, what would we have done? We left with only those two things, blue glass and black glass. The help was amazing and I do believe anything we needed would have been found for us. But we had found what we needed the most and were amused by the sights (kudos to Margaret for thinking about bring the camera). I cannot wait to see the store in a few weeks. And here is where the blue glass ended up coming from, I think:


how to transport stained glass II: Warner Glass in Allentown PA


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