Quita Brodhead Quote

Yesterday I had to take the day off from teaching to deal with a not too critical medical issue, but by lunchtime, while I was not fully lucid, I was ready for an art date with Margaret. So off to the Woodmere Museum we went to be inspired by the colors and flow found in the art of Quita Brodhead

Walking into the exhibit I was attracted to a large abstract piece with a mighty dose of flashy colors. Margaret approved that I had chosen it to photograph. 

From the Canary Islands (Mountain Moods) 1961 by Quita Brodhead


I asked Margaret which one had caught her eye, and she spoke of a splash of yellow paint. 


Untitled from the “Endless Circle” series 1990-1995 by Quita Brodhead


Looking up at the balcony exhibit her earlier and less abstract work, I was drawn to take a closer look at this painting. 

Swamp Willows 1939-40 Quita Brodhead


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