Blue skies at Peace Valley Park in Bucks County PA

If going on an eight day silent retreat did one thing to transform our lives; then it was that I realized how we had stopped going on day trips. This is what I think happened. A few years of doing twenty plus shows a year created a desire to not go anywhere on free weekends. But as our shows slowed down as commissions increased… We did not resume visiting places we loved. 

I want to share the beauty of these places with our friends and fans. Museums, natural areas, historic homes. 

These trips taken over the past 28 years created who we are at Nutmeg Designs. Above is a photo from a place I found when we moved to Lansdale. How many Saturday mornings were spent watching birds at Peace Valley park? Maybe not billions and billions, but plenty indeed. 

Last weekend on a crisp autumn afternoon, I tried to get an image of a Great Blue Heron sitting with a gathering of cormorants. It stood out. Those photos were not as successful as the one shared. The sun was playing with clouds. 

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